Monday, May 11, 2009


I've realized that I am not very good at emailing or blogging on the weekends. There is too much to accomplish! Saturday's schedule included a trip to Lowe's for flowers for the flower beds and pots for the front porch and deck. We have a shade garden in the front which is becoming "established" which means the flowers come back each year and there is little maintenance. I love it. The flower bed in the back yard has not reached that stage yet, but is getting there. Each year we add a few things. This year we added "foxglove" which is a pretty tall plant but has beautiful flowers.

The foxglove is the plant in the back. Notice that it has flowers at the top and bottom and plenty of buds in between. To the left of it is a plant called "firepoker" which was planted two years ago when the neighbor thinned his stash of this plant. In front is some small brown eyed susans that we planted last year. Having come back this year, proves they were a good choice! We had to thin out some calla lilies and some of the big red flowers that we don't have a name for. That was some work but is now over with. My husband has a hard time throwing plants out. The whole process of "thinning" was something I had to ease him in to. He figures it is a good thing if you get something to grow and I had to explain that yes, it is good, but too much of a good thing can be bad. We want a variety of things in the flower bed, not just calla lilies and big red flowers. He did work hard as shown in this picture

The big red flowers are behind him with the purplish leaves. The calla lilies are in the center of the flower bed, right in front of his feet where you can see two rows of them poking their heads up. They will bloom in a couple of weeks and are bright yellow. That was pretty much our Saturday!

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