Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Weekends

Just like so many people, I love long weekends. Not that I had a whole lot planned for this one, but it was relaxing. Friday night I did some shopping with my daughter. Saturday morning I had my nails done and then I got things ready for a scrapbooking crop this Friday. Saturday evening we went to a graduation party for a sweet girl named Chelsea. Sunday at church I had the best time teaching Sunday School and then we sang a lot of patriotic songs in the 11:00 service which was nice. Heather and I started Monday off with a morning bike ride before it got too hot, and then we took the puppies for a walk. Monday was suppose to be the best day for the pool but the sun was in and out so I didn't get in. My husband was in for just a little bit and got quite red. I am reorganizing my scrapbooking supplies and so Gary put a couple of pieces together for me. I am using the Michael's coupon each week and buying piece by piece of the storage and desk items I need. It is too much trouble to drag out the supplies for scrapbooking to the dining room table and then put them all back when I am done. I have taken a corner of one of the spare rooms for scrapping purposes now :-) When is the next three day weekend?

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