Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Governor

Our new governor, Bev Purdue, is having quite a time balancing the budget. It seems her answer to everything revolves around cutting the pay of the state workers. . . teachers in particular. At first, she cut their pay for the months of May and June by 10 hours. They were suppose to take this time off (the how was not explained) and not get paid for it. Our school system worked it out where the teachers would take this time after the children were out for the year and the teachers were scheduled to have work days on June 15th and 16th. Of course, this affects my daughter as an Assistant Principal. She will not have those two days off as they have meetings for them to attend, so she works the same amount of hours with less days for two months. This is in the midst of her rent going up June 1 and gas rising faster than we can keep up with. Now Governor Perdue's bright idea going forward is instead of the mandatory 180 days the children have to attend school, is to make them go 175 next year and the 5 days is 5 days less that the teachers would be paid. My question to her is what happened to all the money from the North Carolina Educational Lottery???????????? The school systems in our county haven't seen it. Does she realize that first year teachers get paid less than prison guards but the guards are at least allowed to carry a gun? It is not easy to recruit teachers and it is getting even tougher now. They are also cutting some assistants that the teachers of the younger grades need, and in some cases they are even cutting assistant principals. With all the disrespect that the children and parents show to teachers and administrators, it is amazing anyone would work in the educational field! Thanks Governor Perdue!

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