Friday, May 8, 2009


Yesterday I heard from my cousin, Jim. Laid off from Chrysler after many years, Jim is desperately seeking employment. It is odd how we remain friends after so many years. Our lives are so different but yet intersect on some levels. Our mothers were sisters. Mine was the oldest of nine children and his was the third from the youngest. His family lived in Toledo which was about 3 hours away. They would come to visit their family in Pennsylvania and would stay at our house. My sisters and I would give up our rooms and the kids would sleep in make shift beds of pillows and blankets on the floor. Jim and I would talk for hours while the adults would tell us to hush. During the day, we could always find things to do, card games, ball, and family picnics and reunions. We were only a few months apart in age and even back then our lives were so different. Jim's family were devout catholics. Although my family had nothing to do with church, it was the center of my life. As a teenager, I walked about a mile and a half to and from church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. This was no easy task in the middle of winter in Pennsylvania! The more I read and learned of the Bible, the more I wanted to know, and the more ridicule I took from my family at home. Jim's family went to church together and prayed together which was something I wouldn't experience until after I was married. After I left home, my mom would keep me updated on what Jim was doing. He married and had three beautiful girls. My mom liked his wife and that eased my mind as she was a pretty good judge of character. We hadn't connected in years! It was wonderful. I could now catch up with this cousin that I had spent so many good times with as a child. Sometimes we will let a few weeks go by where life gets busy and we don't hear from each other, but then I will open my email and there will be one from him. Not sure how I got so lucky to have this cousin in my life but I am glad I do!

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