Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I think it's funny how we spend so much time in our flower beds and tend to our pots of flowers on our decks and porches when I see wildflowers that surpass in beauty all of those flowers we look after. North Carolina plants flowers along the side of the roads and in the median. It's a form of testing for the manufacturers of the seeds and bulbs. I enjoy seeing them on my way to work. This week I am seeing day lilies and tiger lilies as well as a section of wildflowers. Now nobody stands out there and waters these plants at night yet they are more beautiful than the ones that I water in my garden. My sister, who lives in PA, just emailed me the prettiest pictures of wildflowers growing on the hillside behind her house. They are spectacular but I am sure nobody goes up there and puts miracle grow on them or waters them when the temps get to 90 three days in a row. We may be gardeners, but we'll never be as good as our Creator.

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