Friday, June 19, 2009

Hog Hollerin Contest

All the local news and radio stations are talking about the Hog Hollerin contest over in Spivey's Corner this weekend. It's an annual event and attracts a huge crowd to a small community that is no bigger than a crossroads. Parking is in farm fields. People practice all year long and then compete for the championship. Since we are in an area where lots and lots of hogs are raised, it makes sense that our state would have this contest. When we travel, we love to see what claim to fame little towns have. I was raised in "The Christmas Tree Capital of the World"! Spivey's corner is known as "The Hog Hollerin Capital of the World". It is to be 100 degrees tomorrow and the contest gets under way at 11:00 am. In an area where hogs are raised, you know what you are going to smell on a day when the mercury hits 100! It won't be pleasant unless you are one of those who lost their sense of smell using the Zicam product that has been pulled from the shelves recently!!

I have been looking in all the local craft stores for a Martha Stewart border punch called "Drippy Goo". Yes, I realized how funny the name was when my sweet husband, in an effort to help me find it, asked a store clerk in Michaels if he could look through a box of punches that were on the top shelf for a "Drippy Goo" punch!! You could tell she was amused! After exhausting all efforts, I went on ebay and found one. It arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to use it and get this page scrapped. Hopefully, I will finish the page that sits next to it tonight and post it tomorrow.

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