Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today is my daughter's birthday and she is purchasing a blackberry to replace and update her current phone (her personal one not the work bb) which has been cutting people off recently. The county gives all Asst Principals a blackberry during the school year and then collects them at the end of the school year. She has really grown attached to hers this year and doesn't want to do without it. This is my fault because last year she had no problem with giving it up. The difference is I bought my husband and I each one and I have shown her all the really cool features over the past year. The camera part, having your email with you as you shop, the blackberry messenger, checking the weather, etc. This year I need to teach her about the cool ringtones so I don't have to listen to her phone make that silly noise when it rings. Mine is programmed with cool songs so I can tell who is calling me which determines if I want to answer it. I will run to my phone when I hear the theme to Golden Girls which is the ringtone for my four favorite friends. When I hear "You are my sunshine", I know it is Heather and I know I have the option of calling her back if I don't make it to the phone. My default ringer is "Shout to the Lord" which is abrupt enough to get my attention but not overbearing where I jump. I've been searching for my favorite song, Louie Armstrong's, "What a Wonderful World" but so far no success. If anyone knows where I can find this ringtone, email me or leave a comment here on my blog. I admit that I was the last one in my family to get a cell phone, but now I wonder how I got through life without my Blackberry.

Today's scrappy page is the second page to yesterday's page. They have to sit next to each other in the album without fighting!

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