Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The switch from monologue to digital didn't really effect my family as we have satellite TV. It did however, effect my sisters living in Pennsylvania. Even though one of them has satellite, she cannot get her local NBC station. You have to have NBC to watch the Today show, which we are hoping to be on, when we go to NYC in a few weeks. The hills in Pennsylvania make it impossible for good reception whereas the flat land of good old eastern North Carolina make it easy to pick up stations. I am hoping my sister gets this resolved before our trip. I am wondering how the elderly are dealing with all this change in technology. Some of them can remember life without TV. It must be so difficult for them to wrap their minds around this change.

I've been busy scrapping and trying to get the last few pages done in the second album for Israel. I knew I wanted to include a page for the shabbat elevator and the mezuzah but I knew it would take a lot of journaling and that's my weak area of scrapping. Well here is what I have come up with.

Here are some close ups of the journaling so you can read it.

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