Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flat Stanley

My dear friend, Jackie, has asked me to take a "Flat Stanley" with me to NYC when we go next month. She is doing a project with her grandson, Michael, and charting where all Flat Stanley goes. For those of you not familiar with this program, Flat Stanley is a little boy made out of paper. He travels around the world getting his picture taken in different places. We will take him to the empire state building, statue of liberty, and a broadway play! I am so glad she asked me to do this for her, because she is doing me a HUGE favor. Our flight for NYC leaves early on Monday morning (July 6th) which means we would have to board the dogs beginning on Thursday, July 3rd, since the vet's aren't open on the 4th or all weekend. Jackie was the only one I trusted with my most prized possessions!! She has agreed to pick them up on Monday and take them to be boarded. This means we can enjoy them over the holiday weekend and it saves us a small fortune as we won't have to pay for boarding on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I am sure I will find something wonderful for Jackie while shopping on Canal Street and Flat Stanley pictures will be sent immediately with my Blackberry! A true friend is a friend indeed!

Here's what I've been scrapping lately

and the page to sit next to it...

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