Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The winter storm brought a lot of ice to our area. We spent the weekend inside watching movies and I scrapped some. We took turns going outside with the pups. They are now 10 and 11 so they are older and we were worried they would slip and fall and break a hip. Jasmine didn't like the snow at all, but Jasper was curious about it and loved going outside. Church was even canceled so by yesterday, I was actually happy to get back to work to see people again. I work in the next county even though it's only a 20 minute drive. They didn't receive as much ice/sleet/snow as the county we live in did so my work was still on. The school systems are closed again today but Heather has to go in. Fortunately, the school she works at is across the street from where we live and she stays with us instead of her apartment when there is a storm.
The weather guru's are plotting another storm coming in this weekend!!!! I am so done with winter and ready for a good old Carolina summer day of 95 with plenty of humidity.
Here is a double pager I made for the Belize album using some paper scraps.

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  1. Great pages...love love love the colors....wonderful pix too....Phil saw his shadow...so more winter coming....snuggle up!