Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Storm Coming

We are expecting a snow storm ...that's right in North Carolina!! Whoever heard of such a thing? While everyone was stocking up on milk and bread at the grocery store last night, I was by myself in the ice cream and popsicle aisle. Gary is still recovering from having his tonsils out and we wanted to make sure he had lots of choices in the freezer! I am making a large pot of vegetable soup too. The monthly scrapbooking crop at my church was suppose to be tonight but has been canceled. I've done a little bit on my own this week but was looking forward to scrapping with the group. Here are a couple of pages from this week's efforts which are for the Belize album.

The street sign on the "Oh Henry" page says "Lover's Lane"!

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  1. Diane...I'm loving both of these....the VBS page is tooooo stinkin cute and the oh henry page sure brought a big smile to my face...his too I am sure...LOL.....did you get your storm...our snow has moved out but I loved having a snow day and watching the flakes all was wonderful....isn't it funny how people freak out when a storm comes and start stocking up on in NE and CO for many years I love the snow...we don't get enough in KS>....hope your having a fab weekend!