Friday, February 19, 2010

Girl Talk and Outdoor Cobbler

Still working on the Belize album. The first page is my pal Jackie and I with the missionaries wife, Linda. Part of what we wanted to do while we were there was encourage our missionaries. They spend so much time away from their families in the states and just some friendly conversation with someone who lives in your home country is a treat! The second page is of a shoe cobbler we would pass everyday when we walked from the hotel to the church. I wanted him to work on my shoes, but my husband didn't think he could do much for a blow out of a flip flop!!


  1. ohhhh love the shoes...and girl time sounds good to me....what fab pages...i'm a sucker for circles...just seem to make a layout perfect...these are just grand!!!!

  2. Love what you did with this kit. And, those shoes are fabulous.