Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's blooming?

It is August and different things are blooming in my garden. Last year I was a bit green with jealousy when my sister and my dear friend, Jackie, had sunflowers blooming in their garden and I didn't. This year I planted some of my own and I am so excited that they are starting to bloom. This was what I found last night.

My all time favorite flower is Gabriel's trumpet. Mine are just starting to bloom. Here is what I found last night.What I love about this flower is the bang for the buck. The plants really don't need a lot of special care or upkeep, and the flowers they produce are six or seven inches long and can be seen from my kitchen window. Talk about a view! The plants look like they have a ton of buds so I can expect flowers right through to the first frost and then I will look for them again next year at the end of July for they come up every year.

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