Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School Days

When our daughter came home from preschool the first day, she was so excited about what she had seen and done. When I woke her up the next day to go, she told me she had fun but she wasn't going back again. How funny to think that she will always be going to "school" even now as an adult since she works there. Well we will be fighting the school buses again beginning on August 17th. Teachers return on Monday the 10th.

Kindergarten wasn't around when I started school. I loved school. (You would have to know our family life to understand that comment.) I didn't want to miss a day and I received a prize in first grade for perfect attendance. The last day of school (which was a half day)as I was walking home, I noticed spots on my arms and by the time I got home I had a good case of chicken pox. I thought I would have to give my prize back since I was sick and technically it was a school day. My sisters explained that school was over for the summer and I would be keeping my prize!

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