Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TV show reruns

TV has been a bore lately...nothing to watch but reruns. We rented some videos this past weekend. We enjoyed The Boy in the Striped Pajamas which was about two boys in Berlin during WWII. The clerk at Blockbuster told us it was never at the theater but they can barely keep it on the shelf. For a two dollar rental, you can't beat it.

With TV being so pitiful, I have had a lot of time to scrap. I am getting some papers together for a crop on Friday night. I hope to have most of my NYC pictures done after that. Don't look at the fingerprints on one of the photos. I didn't notice it when I was scrapping, but I saw it right away in the picture of the page. I let my husband near the pictures and we all know how men are:-) Here is a LO I finished last night.


  1. oooooo...such a cool lo....love this...really cool the way you placed the pics ant the star outlines....the colors are wonderful...you go girl!

  2. Diane....this is crazy wild.....i knew 3 days ago that i was going to use this verse on the lo...yet yesterday it came into my life repeatedly...saw it on your blog meant to leave a comment about my lo....then karel sent me a Bible verse quiz and this came up as my verse for life....wild...He is always there...