Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 4th

We were talking in the break room at work this morning about how we celebrate the fourth of July holiday. Some folks mentioned flying their flags, but the majority of us agreed that we enjoy cookouts and fireworks. Now, getting back to the reason for the holiday, we are celebrating our independence from England. Flying the flag which is our country's symbol, is one way to show commemmorate this holiday, and I guess cookouts and fireworks are a form of celebration so we are on the right track. When we were stationed in England, we would gather our friends together, both American and British, and have a cookout. We would laugh at the irony of celebrating it together. To continue in that fine tradition, I am looking forward to having one of my closest friends, Jackie, and her Mum, who are British, over to celebrate America's independence from England! Odd but true!

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