Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Carolina Stroll

Scrapping the pictures from NYC has been like taking the trip all over again. Now I realize how much we crammed into just a few days! No wonder we were so tired when we got home! Our second day in NYC we noticed that when we were walking the crowded sidewalks, that we automatically picked up the pace. We would determine in our minds that we were going to walk slower before we left the hotel, but we would end up walking fast like everyone else. We returned home on Thursday evening and went to the beach on Saturday, and as we went for a nice leisurely walk on the beach, my husband said we were doing the "Carolina Stroll" instead of the "New York Shuffle"! I don't think I could get use to the fast paced life of the city after living the laid back life of North Carolina. I guess I'm not a yankee anymore!! Here's what I've been scrappin.

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