Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New things

My goal was to finish the album of our Belize trips before we left for Australia. I'm making some great progress and I think I will manage to do it. Another one of my goals was to try some new things in scrapbooking. I saw some alpha beads on my scrappy friend, Sandy's blog and knew I needed some for this first page. Thanks Sandy for letting me know where to find them! On the second page, my friend Samantha had made a page using paint and I just loved it so had to give it a go. Finally on the third page, I got around to using my cricut pens in my cricut machine. It's been fun trying a few different things with scrapping.


  1. Oh thanx for the're so your alpha beadss on that wonderful ribbon...and adore the tags creative...wonderfully done my excited for you...a trip to Australia....WoW!

  2. Your layouts look great! I, especially, love what you did with the paint. I'll have to read more to see if I can find out more about your Australia trip,...I hope that you have a wonderful and safe trip.