Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wal Mart

I'm venting about Wal Mart now so if you are a fan of theirs, you may not want to read the remainder of this post. Since scrapbooking wasn't around when my daughter was growing up, I have decided to go back and scrap some pictures of her childhood. On the advice of some scrappy friends, who told me to have the pics copied so I would always have one, I scanned a handful of pictures that I wanted to start with. Today at lunch I took my picture card to WM to develop these pics. I used the machine, ordered some 5 x 7's and some wallets and waited because that size takes awhile. Twenty minutes later I give the pics to the lady at the photo counter to ring up and she asks if I would like her to cut them apart for me. I thought I would have her do that for me and save me some time and then I saw her talking to another lady and then they both came up to me and said they couldn't give me the pictures because they were professionally done and there were copywright laws. I said no problem and that I would just print them at home. This is where the two ladies went off and spewed at me about it being against the law, and companies would lose money etc. One of the ladies shred the pictures and the other one was loud and she went on for a few minutes while I just stood there. When they had finished, I told them the company that made the pictures is no longer in business, the pictures are over 30 years old, and to top that off, the pictures weren't made in the USA, they were from a company in England where we were stationed when my daughter was born. The lady had been so loud that a manager had made his way over to us and he said that if I signed a form they had that stated that copywright laws were not going to be violated, that they would sell me the pictures. Now this would mean that since they had been shredded, I would have to go through the machine, order them, and wait for them to be printed again. I told him I had been humiliated enough for one day and it really wasn't a problem for me to print them at home. GRrrr! If I would have went with regular 4 x 6 prints, it probably would have been okay. If I would have said no when she asked if I wanted her to cut them apart, it probably would have been okay. Guess I am printing pictures tonight!

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